How much money can you make as an Affiliate?

affiliate marketing

How much money can you make as an Affiliate?

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Hello everyone in today’s article we are going to talk about that how much money an individual can make as an affiliate. But before reaching for that we have to understand who is an affiliate and what is affiliate marketing?

Let’s find out the answer to this question. It’s just a way of marketing where people get rewards for marketing others. It involves many ways, such as referring, giving links on the blogs, etc. People just refer some website or give the link to that website on their blog and in return, they get the commission as a reward when the product is sold. Affiliate marketing companies in India know this and they earn a lot from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing works in a circle, first the customer joins the website, Secondly, the webmaster tells the customer to tell others to join their website and in return, they will get a commission for every person who joins their website. This continues with the next customer and the circle moves on.

The best way how an affiliate earns money is through Pay Per Click Advertisements. People on YouTube with very high subscribers are the targets of many companies for showing their ads on their YouTube videos.

Now let us understand how the YouTuber earns money through it. First, let’s understand what is pay per click advertisements are? Companies tell You Tubers or Bloggers with a huge subscriber base to show their ad on their video or blog and in return for every one person who clicks on the ad the You Tuber or the blogger will get the money. This is what Pay Per Click Advertisements are all about, you will get the money if someone will click on the ad.This is one of the best ways in which an affiliate is earning money these days.

The categories in which the affiliates are divided according to their earning:

1. Affiliate apprentic :- Losing Money

2. Low level affiliates:- These are those people who earn around 0/day to 300/day.

3. Intermediate affiliates:- These are those people who earn 300/day to 3000/day.

4. High level Affiliates:- Those who earn more than 3000/day.

Note that the money currency is in dollars, so you can imagine that how much an affiliate can earn through Pay per Click Advertisements. There are many other ways also through which an affiliate can earn money.

These days the trend of cashback is in the market, especially in the cases of Android app. Like many app developers gives offer that for every install through your reference code you will get 15% off on your next booking or you will get some money in your wallet. But in my opinion, I think pay per click advertisements is the best way for an affiliate of earning money and the stats are also proving so.

So if you are thinking of earning money as an affiliate, start with the basics like referrals or reviewing a product on a shopping website. This will help you in gaining the trust of the companies and then they will tell you to post a pay per click advertisement on your comment or your blog.

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